Women in Finance Awards – Ireland Edition

This year we have 21 categories focusing on achievements in finance, DEI and advocacy. We are delighted to be shining the spotlight on more professionals and organizations through our new DEI Initiative, Sustainability Project Leader, Next Generation Leader and Returner of the Year.

Nominations will open online on 12th April and will close after 12 weeks on 5th July.

Nominations are open to finance professionals across industries. Nominations will only be considered for candidates living and working within the Ireland.

Candidates are welcome and encouraged to nominate themselves as well as other team members, colleagues or peers.

There is also an opportunity for you to be a nominator and to celebrate the achievements of your manager, colleague or of a peer.

Please note: each candidate can only be nominated for a maximum of two categories. If subsequent nominations are received, only the first two will be considered for the shortlisting process.

When submitting your nomination, we encourage you to make the most of the 800-word wordcount. Please read the criteria for each category carefully and provide as much evidence as possible for our judges. You will also have the opportunity to include the candidates LinkedIn information and related articles to support the submission.

Shortlisting will begin shortly after nominations are closed. All nominations will be reviewed by our editors and a shortlist of 200 professionals will be announced up to 4 weeks post the nomination deadline. These shortlisted nominations will then be reviewed by our esteemed panel of judges and will be judged based on the criteria outlined in the category description.

Once our winners are selected, the results will be under lock and key until the Awards ceremony on 18th November. The ceremony is the moment our shortlist and winners have their moment to shine. Our winners are invited to accept their awards and share a few words – this is your moment!