8:30 – Registration opens

9:00 - Producer Welcome

Tania Ferreira, Senior Conference Producer, Bonhill Group

Nis Arend, High-Performance Coach to the Top 1%, The Corporate Confidante


9:10 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Embracing change and managing industry developments
  • Discussing the technological, social and regulatory disruptors in the finance industry
  • How has the era of digitalisation influenced internal processes and client services?
  • How have customer demands and customer journeys changed in the last 3 years?
  • Analysing regulatory change – the regulations that impact you and your clients
  • Tackling company culture and effectively switching from legacy systems/processes
  • Predictions: Which disruptors will have the largest impact on the industry over the next 3 years?

Moderator: Michael Ellwood, Non Executive Director
Pascale Nicholls, Head of Central Finance, Amnesty International
Tsitsi Mutiti, Investment Manager, Charles Stanley & Co Ltd.
Roxana Mohammadian-Molina,
 Chief Strategy Officer, Blend Network
Tamara Gillan, Founder, The WealthiHer Network

9:50 - PRESENTATION: Blockchain 101 and how it helps you
  • An introduction to blockchain and Distributed Ledger technology
  • Why has it created such a hype in financial services?
  • Identifying the challenges faced when adopting – reviewing some of the use cases
  • Addressing concerns regarding regulation and monitoring
  • Is this a silver bullet for finance functions and financial services woes?

Jenny Knott, CEO, FinTech Strategic Advisors Ltd.

10:10 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Independent vs long standing high street banks
  • What is the state of banking today?
  • Discussing the growing surge of independent banks and their offerings
  • How are retail banks evolving in order to compete
  • What new technologies are being adopted? Where and how are they being applied?
  • Looking ahead: What will the market look like in the next 3 years?

Moderator: Jacqui Hatfield, Partner and Head of Fintech Regulatory in London, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe
Sophia Bantanidis, Head of Strategy & Policy, Citi Innovation Labs
Michael Trippitt, Banking Consultant and Expert Witness, Michael Joseph Consulting Ltd.
Hessie Coleman,
 Head of Business Banking Delivery, Starling Bank
Charlotte Crosswell, CEO, Innovate Finance

10:50 - Morning Break & Speed Networking

If you would like to take part in speed networking, please contact *Note: Vendor companies will be required to sponsor in order to participate.


11:30 - PRESENTATION: Connecting impact measurements to intrinsic value and financial performance
  • How can we use finance to save the planet?
  • Moving away from the ‘power and ownership = success’ paradigm
  • Why the female archetype of “Mother Nature” will bring a responsible version of capitalism to the fore
  • Changing how people think about money and investment – it’s about the Total Stakeholder Value
  • Maturity Institute: the first not-for-profit educational organisation measuring TSV

Lucy Dunnett, Specialist Investor of the Year
Paul Kearns, 
Chair, Maturity Institute

11:55 - PRESENTATION: Understanding and tackling the investment gap
  • The ‘other’ gap no one talks about: why women think in terms of being thrifty and frugal while men think in terms of investing and  growing their wealth
  • Tackling the elephant in the room: why women need to stop saving their cash and start investing
  • Increased awareness: Explaining risk and overcoming the fear factor associated with investing
  • What can we do to change that?

Roxana Mohammadian-Molina, Chief Strategy Officer, Blend Network

12:15 - PRESENTATION: Making investments work harder
  • Can impact investing to be a win-win on returns and impact
  • Creating impact or participating in it?
  • What resources are needed for success
  • How are the players shaping up on the gender issue?

David Renton, Director of Investment, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity
Tessa Denning, 
Senior Associate, Partners Capital

12:35 - FIRESIDE CHAT: How to support female entrepreneurs in securing financial investment
  • What are investors looking for in potential business opportunities? How has the criteria changed over the last 10 years?
  • What are we looking for in company founders and potential business partners today?
  • Why is only 2% of investment funds being invested in female entrepreneurs?
  • Identifying the barriers, what needs to change and how to do it?
  • How can associations, governing bodies and alliances support greater change?

Moderator: Helene Panzarino, Managing Director & Associate Professor of Fintech & Innovation, Rainmaking & London Institute of Banking and Finance

Julie Baker, Head of Enterprise and Community Finance, RBS & NatWest
Kirsty Moore, 
Managing Director, HSBC Private Banking
Anya Navidski, 
Founding Partner, Voulez Partner
Suzanne Brock, 
Managing Director, Nutriment Ltd

13:10 – Networking Lunch



13:50 - PANEL DISCUSSION: The ideal role model
  • What makes someone a role model?
  • Discussing the importance and lack thereof of female role models in the financial industry
  • What do male role models look like and what can we learn from them?
  • How to raise your profile and become a role model
  • Highlighting roles models that support and advance their teams and young women within the business/industry

Moderator: Yulia Baynham, Director – FS Consulting Practice, PwC
Tsitsi Mutiti, Investment Manager, Charles Stanley & Co Ltd.
Victoria Davies, Managing Director of Strategy and Corporate Development, Danske Bank
Rasha Khawaja, Founder & CEO, Toucan Ventures
Erica Ingham, 
CFO, MediaCom North

14:30 - PRESENTATION: Progression through the ranks
  • A journey to senior leadership within a professional service organisation
  • How to use personal experience, both successes and failures, as lessons learned
  • Discussing practical tips to survive and succeed as a female leader
  • How a little bit of humour goes a long way

Suzanne Liversidge, Partner, Kennedys Law

14:55 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Being a leader from start to finish in your financial career
  • Speaking the language of a leader – what does this mean?
  • Comparing various leadership styles – strengths and weaknesses
  • How to lead effectively and be you
  • It’s not just about IQ, you also need an Emotional Quotient (EQ) – overcoming your own unconscious bias and getting to the top

Moderator: Rina Goldenberg Lynch, Founder and CEO, Voice at the Table Ltd.
Pascale Nicholls, Head of Central Finance, Amnesty International
 Ellwood, Non Executive Director
Rose St Louis, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.
Suzanne Liversidge, Partner, Kennedys Law

15:35 - PRESENTATION: How Leaders Foster an Inclusive Culture
  • The impact of the MeToo movement on men in company culture
  • The overarching effects of current D&I trends
  • How to truly achieve diversity and what diversity means

Melissa Murphy, Senior Delivery Manager, Head of U.S. Regulatory Technology, Scotiabank, USA

15:55 - PANEL DISCUSSION: On ramping and off ramping your career
  • Discussing parental leave, extended sabbaticals and the professional pause
  • Evaluating the current programmes and initiatives in place for professional breaks
  • Evaluating paternal leave, the double standards and perceptions
  • Avoiding the “We were on a break” assumptions regarding your capabilities and desires to progress
  • Keeping your foot in the door with “keep in touch days” and maintaining your champions in the workplace
  • ModeratorNis Arend, High Performance Coach to the Top 1%, The Corporate Confidante
    Nell Scott, Partner, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe
    Penny Miller, Partner, Simmonds & Simmonds
    Susan Allan, Group Finance Director, Willerby Group
16:25 - SUMMIT ROUND-UP: Your pledge for improvement
  • Discussing the key takeaways from this year’s summit
  • What topics would you like to hear about at WIF 2020
  • Tweet your pledge: Making your pledge for change
  • Given the content and insights shared, attendees are asked to pledge what they will implement and/or take back to their business

16:30 – End of Conference

Women in Finance 2019 Awards
19:00 Champagne Reception
19:30 Welcome and Keynote Addresses
Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London